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Valentine’s Day Special: Best Dishes to Celebrate Love in Delhi-NCR

French kiss by Time Machine, Noida: To keep yourself cosy during winters, do try this lichi infused drink which comes along with vodka.
Best to give a perfect Valentine feel; this drink tastes amazing.
02/13 Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake by Punjabi by Nature 2.0:  A great way to shower some love on your Valentine, this delicious gulab jamun cheesecake too good to resist.
03/13 Lady in the Red by Time Machine, Noida: A mouth-watering blend of Bacardi white with coconut syrup and lime juice, hence making it a perfect drink for valentines.04/13 Chicken Cashew Nut Dumpling by Asian Haus: Chicken Cashew Nut dumpling is full of sautéed chicken, veggies and crunchy cashews nuts.
These are just perfect as appetizers for a dinner party.05/13 Pink City Cosmo by Punjabi by Nature 2.
0: An icy cool cocktail made of vodka and cranberry juice. This is the ultimate drink to make this Valentine’s day special.
06/13 Plumazing Nachos – Plum by Bent Chair: This crunchy appetizing snack topped with cheese and jalapenos, served with tangy tomato salsa is a must have on your dinner table this valentine.07/13 Rose sour by Punjabi by Nature 2.
0: A gin-based cocktail infused with the tang of rose syrup and the sweetness of handful fresh raspberries. Sip on, enjoy and unwind with this one on your dinner date.
08/13 Apple Crumble tart by Café Nh8, Radisson, Gurugram: This valentine special dessert is the perfect mix of crunch and sweetness. Apples are sliced, piled onto puff pastry, and covered with a sweet ground almond crumb mixture in this elegant dessert.
09/13 Chicken Prawn Sui Mui by Asian Haus: Steamed dumplings stuffed with chicken, prawn, and mushrooms in Chinese Rice Seasoning.10/13 Green Maria by Café Nh8, Radisson, Gurugram: A blend of tomatillos, cucumbers, garlic, lime juice, jalapeño, salt, tequila, cilantro, celery salt and black pepper.
Garnished with scallions and lemons.11/13 Grilled Chicken breast with plum tomatoes and basil sauce by Café Nh8, Radisson, Gurugram: This tomato and basil garlic chicken is a flavour packed dish that you would love to have it on your dinner date.
12/13 or 13/13 Strawberry Iceage by Café Nh8, Radisson, Gurugram: Satisfy your strawberry cravings with this delicious icy strawberry cocktail. Bursting with tart flavour, vodka gets its bright colour and fruity flavour from a strawberry along with a tang of lime juice.

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