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US dollar slides by Rs3.5 in Interbank market

KARACHI: Following an intense upward trajectory, the US dollar finally took a dip as it slid by Rs3.5 in the Interbank market on Friday. During trading hours, US Dollar fell to Rs161 from Rs164.05 as recorded a day earlier. The upward trajectory of dollar came …Read more

US dollar slides by Rs35 in Interbank market

During trading hours US Dollar fell to Rs161 from Rs16405 as recorded a day earlier file photo KARACHI Following an intense upward trajectory the US dollar finally took a dip as it slid by Rs35 in the Interbank market on Friday During trading hours
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Dollar soars to Rs 157 in interbank trade

The US dollar reached another all-time high setting a new record of Rs 157 in the interbank market The rupees slide had continued on Thursday as it fell as low as Rs 154 in the interbank
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Zimbabwe Recession Zimbabwean Dollar Return and the Economic Outlook

The Zimbabwean dollar Formerly RTGS dollar has lost more than 150 of its value since the interbank market was launched after the introduction of the US dollar which stabilised inflation
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UAE- Pakistani rupee hits fresh all-time low against US dollar

MENAFN – Khaleej Times The Pakistani rupee hit an all-time low against the US dollar by plunging to Rs157 4270 against the UAE dirham in the interbank market its slide despite the IMF
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Rupee continues upward trend as US dollar slides to Rs15050 in open market

Monday was the third straight day that the Pakistani currency recovered at the interbank and open market against the US dollar since it slipped to record lows against the greenback the previous week The US currency has slipped by Rs221 at interbank in
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Rupee strengthens as dollars slide continues

The rupee strengthened in the currency market on Friday as the value of the US dollar continued to slide in the interbank as well as the open market The greenback shed its value by Re035 in the interbank and was traded against Rs14815 Similarly
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