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US Corn Acreage Way Above Trade Expectations, Market Falls, USDA/WASDE Says

DES MOINES, Iowa — The USDA sees the U.S. 2019 corn acreage nearly unchanged from its March estimate, according to its June Acreage Report released Friday. As a result, the corn market dropped, while the soybean market moved up 11¢ per bushel, …Read more

US Corn Crop Gets Bigger USDA Says

In the outside markets the Brent crude oil market says USDAs production numbers came in a bit above trade expectations yield up a little more than expected ending stocks not so far out of line Scoville says But the corn data is bearish
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2 Issues Favor The Upside In Corn – Is That Enough

The Teucrium Corn ETF product CORN does an excellent job replicating the price action in the corn futures market Corn falls the USDA released its May WASDE report on May 10 the news on the escalation of the trade dispute between the US and China
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The October 9 WASDE Report and Its Impact on Corn Prices

Today Planet 13 Holdings PLNHF PLTH launched Planet M a line of CBD isolate products available as tinctures edibles topicals and more Shares of online streaming platform Roku ROKU have had a stellar run in 2019 The stock has gained a whopping
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Corn and Fertilizer Prices Correlation Doesnt Mean Causation

Prices were relatively high for all of the above when the US planted upwards of 95 million acres corn futures which track the market for old-crop corn physical grain already in existence while the fertilizer market is a reflection of expectations
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Corn Prices Likely Have Bottomed But Beans to Fall Further

USDA took a conservative stance in its latest crop production estimates which were fairly neutral for both corn and soybeans but the departments yield and carryout estimates were likely low says acreage estimate was also under the average trade
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Corn Wheat Plunge Soybeans Slip On USDA Data

Two reports from the US Department of Agriculture 564 million acres also below expectations of 567 million Meanwhile corns underperformance is likely due to the fact that plantings for the grain totaled 923 million acres above the 906
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