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US citizens gather to travel to Canada for cheap medicine

Some 40 Americans are traveling to Canada this weekend – but not for recreation or pleasure. Rather, this group means to buy life-saving insulin at a …Read more

Americans head to Canada to buy cheap insulin some worry about supply here

TORONTO The soaring cost of insulin in the United States Canada if there was a drug shortage and I do not think going to Canada is a long-term solution Its like putting a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound The Minnesota group is planning to visit
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Ottawa hits a population of one million Big ideas for a big city

Sometime before Canada Day Ottawas population will hit one million infrastructure and economic development It puts us in a different league of North American cities It puts us in a different league of North American cities
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Trumps Explanation for How Mexico Will Pay for Border Wall Is So Stupid Even Republicans Cant Explain It

But once Obamacare is repealed we will only be able to afford to buy prescription medicine from Mexico and Canada citizens will have to go to Mexico for decent medical care this also means that Mexican gangs will be coming to the United States to get
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US Healthcare Is So Screwed I Fly to Britain for My Medication

I consider myself luckydrugs are cheap there sense to fly to Canada instead of the UK The overall expense including doctors visits and flight costs would equal that of a trip to London where I do get the added bonus of a visit with family
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How biotech went from no way to payday in the cannabis business

So far 33 US states have legalized medical marijuana and 10 of these also permit recreational use In October 2018 Canada permitted the cannabis industry Cheap pure supplies of cannabinoids could lead to new types of medicine and wellness
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Venezuelans in US desperate to help family back home

CNNWhen Atahualpa Pinto Solis came to the US from Venezuela in 1997 In 2011 income inequality was almost as low as Canadas Today however its economy has collapsed and Venezuela is a country in crisis Average Venezuelans struggle with food
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