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[Update: Not the Nokia 2] All HMD phones are now running Android 9 Pie, as the Nokia 1 gets its own update

HMD is keeping its word when it comes to Android updates. The company had committed to two years of software upgrades for its devices and has made sure that promise holds true, regardless of price and positioning. Today, the last hold-out in the line-up, …Read more

All Phones Under Rs 20000 that Run Android Pie

Therefore here are all the phones running Android for experiencing Android 9 is HMD Globals Nokia 61 It was one of the first budget phones to acquire the Pie update courtesy of its Android One badge HMD Global has not made any specific changes
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Nokia smartphones Android Pie update roadmap Nokia 6 Nokia 5 Nokia 31 Plus and more

HMD Global is consistent in rolling out the Android 9 Pie update to its smartphones Going by the same the Nokia 2 is missing hinting that it might not receive the update anytime soon The update roadmap shows that Nokia 6 Nokia 51 Nokia 31
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Nokia 21 now receiving Android 90 Pie Go Edition update

Earlier this year HMD some of its smartphone operating on older OS versions One of the phones due for Q1 was the Nokia 21 and as per the recent tip from Juho Sarvikas the Chief Product Officer of HMD Global the Android Pie update is now rolling
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Nokia 42 Review

First of all theres a huge shutter lag while taking pictures which is not something Ive experienced in budget phones for quite some time now I am not sure if itll be fixed via an update but its not looking good at this point Nokia 42 takes decent
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Nokia 51 Nokia 31 users must download this update now

HMD Global both the phones and will be available over-the-air OTA Head to the Settings option on your handset to check whether you have received the update or not HMD Global recently rolled Android 90 Pie update to its Nokia 31 smartphone
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HMD Global Announces 3 New Nokia Android Phones A Feature Phone – MWC 2019

Its running the Android Pie box Not only did Google make it smaller but its also faster now All things we can appreciate on a device like this HMD Global gave the Nokia 1 Plus a much larger display this time around with a 545-inch 189 aspect
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