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Untapping the power that lies between fashion and costume

'Fashion and costume can offer freedom, protection, power. Sometimes they can even change the world.” So says Chiaki Shimizu, a textile designer …Read more

Young Leaders Connect 2018: Interview with Naga supermodel Ketholeno Kense

The Magic of a Dress

The Nicki Minaj Remy Ma Feud, Explained – Very Real | Oxygen

Behind The fabric

Untapping the power that lies between fashion and costume

Fashion and costume can offer freedom protection power Sometimes they can even change the world So says Chiaki Shimizu a textile designer who is on a mission to prove that fashion is an underutilized resource for social change Pull on a
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Two sides of the same coin

Imagine a rich tapestry of literature art design textiles fashion and the tales of power and the powerful who were raring to go but now lie dead in the ruins For instance to facilitate the trade between Persia and Surat a Persian coin was
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Interview with Ganit Goldstein on Craft Technology Fashion 3D Printing

Ganit Goldstein is a Designer whose interest lies in the intersection between project with fashion As part of my second-year curriculum study we were asked to reconstruct costumes from
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The Best and Worst of Washington 2019

So of course it was also the scene of an epically awkward almost-run-in last July between the for Washington women in power garb The airy pop-up has been around only since October but founder Meghan Evans isnt new to fashionshe designed dresses
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Finlands Munch the unnerving art of Helene Schjerfbeck

An actor Anne Ingman has made it her vocation to impersonate Schjerfbeck in a floor-length black costume with One suspects that fashion offset Nordic darkness Several wonderful portraits show the tte–tte between fashion and art
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Inside the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Heavenly Bodies Fashion and the Catholic Imagination Exhibition

The new Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute s Manus x Machina Fashion in the Age of Technology and 2017s Rei KawakuboComme des Garons Art of the In-Between If China was about the power of imagination Manus
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