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Universitario de Deportes vs. Coopsol: se enfrentan EN VIVO por la …

Universitario de Deportes vs. Coopsol se enfrentarán en la disputa de la segunda jornada de la Copa Bicentenario. Ambas escuadras se verán las caras este domingo 30 de junio a las 3:30 de la tarde en el Estadio Segundo Aranda Torres de Huacho y el …Read more

What Tong Say can threaten work with victims

Entornointeligentecom AS the incidence of serious crimes continues to rise the numbers of affected persons are increasing exponentially and trauma experiences are pervading the length and breadth of our society Add to this the growing refugee
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Mourinho lists toward conspiracy

The match did not exist said Mourinho before insinuating that there is some dark conspiracy in La Liga whereby referees are manipulated to favor Barcelona and target Real On this last point Mourinho made a great effort to ensure that Jorge Valdano
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Podemos Greeces new political era will come to Spain

Instead Podemos would rather restrict the similarities to the election results As Iglesias recently stated on the television network La Sexta 2015 will be the year of change in Spain as in Greece Although it is only one year old Podemos has
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