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United States: Seller Misrepresentation in Real Estate? Use Rescission with Precision (Video)

In recent blog posts, I discussed important parts of a real estate sale, including selecting a broker and due diligence. In today's video, I will examine …Read more

Misrepresentation in English law

FCC Allows Access To Galileo For Improved Geolocation

The Federal Communications Commission FCC allows businesses and individuals including those who operate unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs for professional use within the United States to access who currently use UAVs in precision farming operations
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Latham Watkins Global IPO Guide – 2019 Edition

It will help you navigate the US portion of a global IPO in other words an IPO in which you sell locally listed ordinary shares to investors outside the United States under Regulation S and to investors inside the United States in private
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Democrats Its the War

The war was unjustified unnecessary and unprovoked It is counterproductive strengthening al-Qaeda and weakening the moral authority of the United States It is deadly Many Americans and many many more Iraqis have been killed or injured as a result
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In Groundbreaking Settlements Attorneys General Find Fake Social Media Engagement Illegal

These settlements are the first in the United States to find which prohibit misrepresentation deceptive acts or practices and false advertising and New York Penal Law 19025 which prohibits impersonating a real person and with the intent to
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ProfNet Experts Available on Breast Cancer Sleep Apnea Divorce More

The trial is the second and final phase of study in the United States and will pave the way for FDA market Early detection through appropriate screening and the use of more personalized genomically based treatment strategies can improve survival
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Humanigen Inc HGEN

These product candidates are at various stages of development and will require substantial time expenses clinical development testing and regulatory approval from the United States Food and The Company may also use the interim data from the
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