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Twitter notifies users to “support a culture of respect”

In the last 24 hours, multiple Twitter users have received notifications telling them to “support a culture of respect on Twitter” and familiarize themselves …Read more

How to remove followers on Twitter by blocking accounts or by quickly blocking and unblocking them

Its easy to remove followers on Twitter by blocking accounts or by quickly blocking and unblocking them Heres how to do it
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Twitter to Show the Profiles of New Followers in the Notifications Tab

Twitter will show profiles of new followers in the notifications tab letting users easily learn more about whos following them In addition users can follow other users directly from the notification screen Just got a new follower Starting today
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Twitter begins rolling out new desktop redesign and users arent happy

The notification bar will also no longer include profile information such as your follower count Twitters Explore tab which shows mobile users whats trending on the site will now be included in the sidebar for desktop users as well
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100 million Capital One credit card applications hacked What you need to know and do next

but the company says it will notify affected individuals through a variety of channels Thats certainly an option but that probably wont protect you in this instance The stolen data was related to applications not user account so even if
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Twitter notifies users of bug allowing developers to receive direct messages

SAN FRANCISCO Twitter is notifying users that a bug may have sent direct messages and protected tweets to developers who were not authorized to receive them In notifications sent to users Twitter says the bug has been around since May 2017
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How to block or unblock someone on Twitter on a computer or mobile device

You can block or unblock someone on Twitter in just a few clicks or taps Heres everything you need to know about blocking Twitter accounts
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