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Turkish woman biker finds Pakistan safest to travel

Asil, who is an academician at Istanbul University, travels and tours to various countries during her summer vacations to experience and study culture …Read more

Pakistan is one of the safest countries says Turkish woman travelling the world on motorcycle

this Turkish woman decided to leave home and work to embark on life-changing trips every year for two months Asil zbay an academician at Istanbul Gedik University has been travelling the world solo on her motorcycle for the last five years
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The risk of traveling to every country in Asia according to the US State Department

If tourists do decide to travel to Bangladesh theyre advised to avoid demonstrations not to resist robberies not to travel on foot motorcycle place along the Line of Control between India and Pakistan and in tourist destinations in the Kashmir
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Tehrans Just do it generation makes up for lost time

Or how Iranians keep up their multiple passports to travel the world despite growing Railway connections from Europe and Turkey gas pipelines in the other direction as well as to Pakistan and India new ports on the Arabian Sea and enlarged airport
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The Religious Freedom Agenda

Saudi Arabia Pakistan Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are also flagged but with a waiver that lets them avoid the threat of religious-freedom sanctions India and Turkey are two of of religion with the rights of women and LGBT people
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People in Emerging Markets Catch Up to Advanced Economies in Life Satisfaction

A Pew Research Center survey finds that publics childrens education and being safe from crime with financial security not far behind Fewer people say internet access car ownership free time or the ability to travel is very important in their
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Dont go there the destinations you need to avoid

Iraq remains on DFATs Do not travel list Photo AFP Etihad has suspended flights to Peshawar in Pakistan an Australian woman was killed in a bag snatch in Phuket Around 50 Australians die every year in Phuket due to motorcycle accidents drugs
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