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Trump's census citizenship question fiasco, explained

The backstory is that last month, Chief Justice John Roberts surprisingly joined the Supreme Court's four liberals to block the proposed citizenship question from the census. The problem, per Roberts, wasn't the question itself — it was that Commerce …Read more

Trumps census citizenship question fiasco explained

Is President Donald Trumps effort to add a question about citizenship to the 2020 census finally about to end 2019 Somewhat abashed Justice Department attorneys then had to explain to a judge that they didnt really know what was going on
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Happy Hour Roundup

Colby Itkowitz and Maria Sacchetti report that Trumps immigration czar says adding a citizenship question to the Census could help with the burden of illegal immigration Rick Hasen has a useful read on how this whole Census fiasco is going to end
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The ugly truth about sanctuary cities and other commentary

Yet given the fiasco of Californias now From the right Leave the Census Alone Dems New York and California are suing Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to keep the citizenship question off the 2020 Census claiming it would discourage minorities
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G4S chief admits Olympic fiasco has embarrassed UK

Buckles was hard-pressed to explain why his company wants to turn the 2020 Census into a political weapon The question of who is a citizen and who is not is at the foundation of what makes a nation The citizenship question would reduce response
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Editorials from around New York

We also believe the national media shares some blame with inconsistent coverage and its inability to explain Census Bureau Beyond that census data determines congressional representation Threatening that accuracy is a question regarding citizenship
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ICE deportation raids will reportedly start this weekend

But its biggest problems all have to do with its supposed hero Trumps census citizenship question fiasco explained The president admitted defeat on his push to add the question to the census
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