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Tribe gets Puig, Reyes in 3-team Bauer trade

CLEVELAND — Trevor Bauer sat at his locker Tuesday with a bright red face as his teammates stopped by to hug him on their way out the door. The Indians announced Wednesday morning that they have traded the right-handed Bauer to the Reds as part of a …Read more

Power for Bauer Indians get big bats Puig Reyes from Reds

The Indians also acquired Reyes lefty Logan Allen and infield prospect Victor Nova from San Diego The Padres acquired outfielder Taylor Trammel from the Reds Bauers exit was nearly as stunning as his final start for Cleveland His trade was completed
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Cleveland Indians trade Trevor Bauer to Reds acquire Yasiel Puig Franmil Reyes and Logan Allen in 3-team deal per reports

What we know about monster Indians-Reds-Padres three-way trade per sources Cincinnati gets RHP Trevor Bauer Cleveland gets OF Franmil Reyes LHP Logan Allen OF Yasiel Puig 3B Victor Nova per AJCassavell San Diego gets OF Taylor Trammell LHP Scott
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Indians trade fiery Bauer to Reds land Puig in 3-team deal

Bauer called the act childish It was a final straw for the Indians who pulled off the stunning trade to help their playoff push and beyond In landing Puig and Reyes who have 49 combined homers this season the Indians plugged a power gap in their lineup
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MLB trade news Trevor Bauer sent to Reds Yasiel Puig to Indians in 3-team deal involving Padres

Cincinnati has acquired Trevor Bauer from acquired OF Yasiel Puig and LHP Scott Moss from the Cincinnati Reds and OF Franmil Reyes LHP Logan Allen and INF Victor Nova from San Diego Padres as part of a three-team trade The Indians will also get
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Official Tribe gets Puig Reyes more for Bauer

The Indians announced Tuesday morning that they have traded the right-handed Bauer to the Reds as part of a three-team deal with the Padres Bauers name had been discussed in trade rumors this season Both Puig and Reyes are likely to join the
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Indians ship Bauer to Reds for sluggers in 3-team trade

The trade Bauer for Cincinnati Reds outfielder Yasiel Puig was finalized Wednesday Those were the headline names in a three-team trade in which the Indians also received left-handed pitcher Scott Moss from the Reds and outfielder Franmil Reyes
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