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TREASURIES-US yields climb after weak bond auction, inflation pickup

(New throughout, updates yields and market activity, adds auction news, analyst comments) By Kate Duguid NEW YORK, July 11 (Reuters) – U.S. Treasury yields rose, with the biggest gains in long-dated maturities, after Thursday’s auction of $16 billion …Read more

TREASURIES-US yields climb after weak bond auction inflation pickup

US Treasury yields rose with the biggest gains in long-dated maturities after Thursdays auction of 16 billion 30-year bonds met weak demand and US underlying consumer prices recorded their biggest gain in 1-12 years Indirect bidders including
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Inflation expectations touch 3-year high after bond auction

Contributing to the anticipation of higher inflation are climbing commodity prices improving global growth and lingering fears that tightening labor markets will eventually translate into higher wage gains That has stoked fears that a pick up in what has
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Treasuries Climb as Europe Concern Fuels Demand at Bond Auction

Last months 13 billion sale of 30-year bonds month after stalling in August economists in a Bloomberg survey forecast before the Commerce Department reports the data tomorrow The gap between yields on US 10-year notes and Treasury Inflation
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Bond risk rising as poor monsoon rekindles inflation threat

Mumbai Bond risk in India is climbing from a Primary dealers in India had to pick up unsold sovereign debt at an auction last week for the first time in 2014 signaling demand weakened amid inflation risks fueled by a weak monsoon
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GLOBAL MARKETS-World stocks stay near all-time high after Fed signals

That marked a subtle change in how the Fed speaks about its plans suggesting that although a hike could still come as early as June later is also possible in view of weak US inflation the first time at a bond auction Irish yields hovered at
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TREASURIES-US yield curve flattens after soft 7-year auction

It does look like their inflation target will fall after pickup in jobless claims last week The latest spate of economic figures generally supported the outlook from the Federal Reserve which as expected raised key short-term interest rates
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