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Traveling While Sober: Will I Still Have Fun?

Just as in everyday life, the biggest battle with alcohol while traveling is internal. But with some preparation, you can go anywhere and have a great …Read more

Heres How to Survive Holiday Family Travel While Pregnant and Sober And Still Have Fun

Gross Who wants to hang for hours on end with family while sober Kidding But not really Its the most exciting time of the year and your life but unfortunately the two have fallen on the same time so youre going to have to deal with an
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How Traveling Sober Changed the Way I Saw the World

I was sitting in a restaurant in Copenhagen a little over a year sober travel magazine but I rarely ventured far from the stash of booze in my apartment I stayed home every weekend while my roommates went out to museums and concerts To this day I
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7 Important Tips for Traveling While Sober and Having an Even Better Time

A common question I get from my clients and people who follow my adventures around the globe on Instagram is How do I travel while sober and still have fun The short answer Its daunting for sure but its also been one of the most treasured parts
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Max Scherzers celebration of a walk-off that wasnt proves it Baseball is fun again in DC

While the Nats have streaked sure looks like fun More on the Nationals and MLB Wild-card leading Nationals reach the all-star break with another series victory Boswell Gerardo Parra got the Nationals dancing and the party is still going strong
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Former Victorias Secret model Jessica Hart says shes now sober Its the best thing Ive ever done

But I was having fun traveling to Europe sense of self since getting sober Im not interested in drinking again she said It doesnt serve me or bring anything positive to my life I still have fun I find natural highs like going
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Vice I Tried Mindful Drinking to See if I Could Have Fun Sober

The author apparently cant have fun unless hes drunk The fact that there is what Helps with the gut a little and overall health while still getting my enjoyment from the taste of a beer I like Saves money as well I dont mind people not wanting
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