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Travel Talk: Hawaii, International Cable Car, Making Plans, Instagram

Here are few headlines in the travel industry to bring up and discuss in conversation. Mauna Kea Protests Continue; Mountain Closed to Tourism.Read more

Travel Talk Hawaii International Cable Car Making Plans Instagram

The Subaru Keck I and Keck II Telescopes at the Mauna Kea Observatories at Sunset on the Big Island of Hawaii Moment EditorialGetty Images As we move through the week coffee dates happy hours and water-cooler chatter are bound to pile up Looking for
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The land where the internet ends

When I spun the dial on the car radio static roared out of every could blot out the whisper of the Big Bang Physicists travel here to measure gravitational waves Astronomers study stardust
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Wish you werent here how the tourist boom and selfies are threatening Britains beauty spots

Overcrowding on the Cornish coast has been making the news this week and as I stop to talk to husband and of Cornwalls elegant bays Instagram in particular has been responsible for driving contemporary travel trends this summer Pedn Vounder
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How to Vacation for Under 100 a Day

Before making the reservation talk honestly about think you need to share that Instagram selfie by the London Bridge the minute you snap it you can save a lot of money possibly even more than 100 on international data fees if you wait
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Lifestyle magazines in South Florida glossy glamorous and growing

Im going to talk about editorial clients results and making them more a part of the fabric of the magazine than just an ad The next stop for the former manager of a radio station conglomerate will be a pitch to a car dealership and from
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The Extraordinary Life of Martha Gellhorn the Woman Ernest Hemingway Tried to Erase

One sultry morning last June I hired a car to take me from Hemingway on a beach in Hawaii the tower of Finca Vigia their home in Cuba The couple had just come from Spain where they had lived side by side as international correspondents and
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