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Travel insurance sales spike for Dominican Republic trips

Standard travel insurance policies will not provide coverage for those headed to the Dominican Republic who want to cancel their trip out of fear …Read more

Dominican Republic Tourism Hasnt Seen a Hit Over Safety Fears Travel Industry Experts Say

Online travel insurance companies which represents 30 hotels in the Dominican Republic as well as the countrys national hotels association hasnt received information about a spike in trip cancellations We have not seen any impact on travel
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Deaths in Dominican Republic could be mysterious But so far all signs point to normal

Phil Sylvester a travel safety expert and a spokesman for World Nomads a global travel insurance headed to the Dominican Republic Insurers know the cold statistical truth that lurks in the reams of travel data they amass Even for vacations to
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The Dominican Republic Faces A Massive Battle To Regain Traveler Trust

They need to show they are going to be responsive he said also suggesting the government could partner with an insurance company to create travel who take vacations follow celebrity influencers so perhaps the Dominican Republic needs to
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At least 6 US tourists died in the Dominican Republic Travelers are now rethinking plans

In about a year at least six US tourists died under strange circumstances in the Dominican Republic Officials on the island might be rethinking future plans to the Caribbean Travel insurance could be the answer especially when its purchased
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Caribbean Specialists Share the Regions Top Travel Trends for 2017

Travel Agent chatted with some Caribbean travel specialists about the regions hottest travel trends of 2017 and how to turn them into sales heading into 2018 bachelorette parties in general but Dominican Republic stands out as a leader in this
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Deaths in Dominican Republic may be a mysterious trend For now it looks like a media invention

Theres not even evidence that the spate of death and illness in the Dominican Republic this year is out of the ordinary As the coverage seemed to reach a fever pitch this week the US State Department said it has seen no spike in deaths reported from
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