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Travel course offers first-hand look at natural hazards facing Thailand

Local faculty members helped arrange tours and travel while local students tagged along, offering insights and chances to converse with peers.Read more

Review Of The Auto Industry Upside Potential As World Economy Improves

My outlook for vehicle sales in emerging markets is one of caution but the longer term 3 years or more continues to look strong In Japan Nissan appears to have been the least impacted by the natural disasters compared to Honda and Toyota As
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Going Abroad Dont Forget Supply Chain Safety Risks

For others it may mean increased travel and meeting with new partners Some of the top risks facing Thailand and the earthquake tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan However supply chain failures can be caused by events other than natural disasters
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Suffering unseen The dark truth behind wildlife tourism

When theyre not engaged in performance or training they just hang in the water facing down places that offer it will need obedient elephants to keep their businesses going In Ban Ta Klang a tiny town in eastern Thailand modest homes
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Nuanced understanding of the CNMI is needed

Many of the issues facing the The travel time and distance from the US mainland results in limited investment from American companies and a reliance on foreign investment to maintain economic viability And natural disasters represent a clear and
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Are we here just for your amusement

Facing a tourist tide Jarawa women of the Andaman islands talking with and experiencing first-hand their rich culture Guests visit Aboriginal communities explore ancient cultural landscapes and mythological land formations and experience
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Indigenous peoples hardest hit by climate change describe impacts

Among concerns facing indigenous peoples availability of traditional food sources growing difficulty with weather prediction and travel safety in changing to decrease in income from land leases Natural disasters such as blizzards ice storms
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