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Transforming safety culture: Insights from the trenches at a leading oil and gas company

In this interview on safety culture, the Total managing director for marketing and services in Belgium details how safety was embedded into the …Read more

Risk and profitability: Reflections and insights from Patrick Hudson

The Road Back: Veterans & Literary Writing Symposium

How Chevron is developing an agile dev culture as they migrate : Build 2018

Perspectives on Islamic Law Reform

Chris Christie Is The Last GOPer Who Should Be Leading Our Opioid Fight

These policy changes are not associated with increased marijuana use or access by adolescents or with adverse effects on traffic safety or in the workplace theres a great example of a politician leading on this issue and whos letting science dictate
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Transform Holdco To Accelerate Apparel Supply Chain Transformation With Li Fung and Triburg Partnerships

Transform welcomes the opportunity to partner with companies that are driven by data analytics and deep learning to accelerate the companys transformation as a leading integrated retailer We are excited to be part of Transform Holdcos journey of
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How to succeed in a new digital era of oil and gas

culture and employee behaviour Some oil and gas companies view digital technology as peripheral to the core business The result of such an approach is siloed digitisation that does not provide the cross-functional insights necessary to drive
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Roundtable Digitalization in Oil Gas

Industry experts share insights on digitalization digitalization in the oil and gas sector is justified Marx Straight up yes I do There will be big enhancements and breakthroughs when it comes to productivity and safety which is why the
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Not all leading at her company employee training often is followed up with surveys to test employee knowledge and retention of the information Another way to gauge the effectiveness of training and an organizations overall safety culture is
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Arizona to Transform Communications for Public Safety

The FirstNet network will transform the way Arizonas fire police EMS and other public safety personnel communicate and share helps millions around the globe connect with leading entertainment business mobile and high speed internet services
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