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Training and travel: Get workouts in on the go

Most American's travel more in the summer months, and our area is a great example of that. Our little beach towns swell to staggering numbers.Read more

Get Your Sweat on and Burn Calories With These 20 HIIT Workouts

If you want to work your muscles in bursts at the highest intensity HIIT high-intensity interval training is for you You go hard for short periods of In fact the American Council on Exercise names HIIT as the most effective exercise for the
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Get a Workout and a Vacation at the Same Time

First came workout boot camps Then off-the-grid yoga retreats Next hotel chains touting celebrity-orchestrated fitness programs Now there is another way to travel without leaving boxing in Cambodia circuit Training on the ancient rampart in
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Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson DK Metcalf already building chemistry ahead of training camp

Even though Seattle Seahawks training camp does not start until July 25 Hes a guy that can run as fast as can be He can go up and get it he can run all the routes and stuff like that So itll be exciting to see his evolution
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The Worlds Fastest Old Man

He is always training but a little harder now They call him Coach Buddy They travel to Philadelphia to watch him compete in the Penn Relays If he misses a workout in the morning he laces up his spikes and runs with them Like everyone else
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Train Like 50 Cent to Get Ripped or Die Tryin

Nearly 16 years later the rapper still has a reputation for having a bulked-up shredded physique even as hes transitioned into acting and other pursuits to go along who splits his workout time between strength and conditioning training martial
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Pushing Limits and Drawing the Line Mountain Athlete Mike Chambers on Chasing the Denali Speed Record

Now Chambers had to decide if he would make a go of it on his own To the average person It took 15 hours of travel to get to our hut but it was just totally soaked with 60 mph winds so we just turned around and came home
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