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Tracking progress on food and agriculture-related SDG indicators – A report on the indicators under …

The world is off-track to meet most food and agriculture-related Sustainable Development Goals. New report charts progress in achieving long-term …Read more

World Health Organization annual World Health Statistics

Solution Session: Measuring Improvements in Diet Quality

FAO Domestic Animal Diversity Information System (DAD-IS)

Feeding 10 Billion By 2050: Creating a Sustainable and Healthy Food Future

The world is off track to meet most food and agriculture-related Sustainable Development Goals

18 July 2019 Rome – The world is off track to meet most of the Sustainable Development Goal SDG targets linked to hunger food security and nutrition according to a FAO report on 18 indicators of four SDGs 2 6 14 and 15 under the UN agencys
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SDG on track but challenges aplenty

The report revealed that data are available for most indicators related to health poverty education and employment but limited for other areas such as energy infrastructure and governance Another challenge to achieve SDG remains in terms of coordination
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Investing in data for the SDGs Why good numbers matter

According to the available evidence we are not on track to meet the overwhelming majority of SDG targets related to sustainable agriculture food security and ones in order to be able to report on all SDG indicators under FAO custodianship
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Social Impact Investors And UNICEF Make Sustainable Progress For Children

In turn by accelerating urgent funding for UNICEF the UNICEF USA Bridge Fund offers investors and donors the ability to leverage UNICEFs lifesaving work for children and track the impact of their investments via concrete SDG indicators at the global
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The World Banks role in SDG monitoring

Four years after their launch the World Banks expertise in development data and its large repository of development indicators has played an important role in helping track the SDG agenda also outlines a classification system to monitor progress
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SDGs show slow progress not on track to reach 2030 targets UN reports

UNITED NATIONS Progress on income of small-scale food producers for example or the proportion of children achieving a minimum proficiency level in reading and mathematics by the end of lower secondary school All of the indicators should be
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