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Tourists learn culture, customs, and cursewords during their Quebec vacation

People who want to get immersed in Quebec's culture, language, and history can take classes with Alissa Bonneville, where they learn about Quebec …Read more

Tourists learn culture customs and cursewords during their Quebec vacation

Many tourists want to do more than just sight-see when on vacation in La Belle Province People who want to get immersed in Quebecs culture language and history can take classes with Alissa
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Vacationing in a native tongue

It was great motivation to learn Italian That was 10 years ago Today the 68-year-old Waage is fluent in Italian after honing her skills during culture Smaller cities like Chicoutimi about two hours north of Quebec City often have limited
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Op-Ed Charming Charlevoix – A Year-Round Destination

Quebec – The Charlevoix region and many others unique to this region Pioneers of Tourism In 1864 Hotel Tadoussac opened its doors marking the beginning of over a century of providing memorable vacation experiences Today its whitewashed walls
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Why is Japan such an unpopular tourist destination

You would think that a country like Japan rich as it is in both traditional culture and technical increasing recently and during the New Year period department stores reportedly saw three times more foreigners coming to their start-of-year sales
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The Raciest Art and Culture Festival in Australia Starts Today Heres Why You Should Consider Going

During winter solstice into the countrys fastest growing tourist destination and a hotbed of avant-garde culture Festival attendance jumped from 297000 in 2016 to 427000 in 2017 almost double the population of Hobart And this year Dark Mofo
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Ganja In Ghana

During and learn from many different people of many different faiths I spent most of my time in the bush with a group of Rastafarians who took me in as one of their brothers which led to an unbelievably great what I did on my summer vacation
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