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Tommy Robinson jailed for contempt of court

Tommy Robinson has been jailed for nine months over contempt of court. The ex-English Defence League leader was found guilty last week of interfering with the trial of a sexual grooming gang at Leeds Crown Court in May 2018. Two Old Bailey judges said …Read more

British far-right activist jailed for contempt of court

LONDON Reuters – British far-right activist Stephen Yaxley-Lennon was jailed on Thursday for committing Yaxley-Lennon 36 who goes by the name of Tommy Robinson was found in contempt last week for breaching a reporting ban by videoing defendants
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Tommy Robinson UK far-right figurehead jailed for contempt of court

London CNNBritish far-right campaigner Tommy Robinson has been given a nine-month jail sentence after being found in contempt of court for live-streaming footage of defendants in a 2018 criminal trial Last week two senior High Court judges at London
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Tommy Robinson given nine-month jail term for contempt of court

Social and environmental documentary photographer Andrew Aitchison has captured daily life in a range of prisons around the UK from high security closed facilities to open prisons and prisoner resettlement centres According to Aitchison working on the
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Tommy Robinson supporters attack journalists and shout hang the judge after he is jailed for contempt of court

An image of a chain link It symobilizes a website link url An envelope It indicates the ability to send an email A stylized bird with an open mouth tweeting The word in A stylized letter F Three evenly spaced dots forming an ellipsis
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Tommy Robinson sentenced to 9 months in jail for contempt of court

Tommy Robinson founder of the far-right English Defence League has been given a nine month jail sentence after breaking a court order last year as he live-streamed defendants in a criminal trial who were accused of grooming young girls Two judges ruled
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Far-right anti-Muslim activist Tommy Robinson sentenced to jail

Far-right British anti-immigration activist Tommy Robinson was to 13 months in jail but successfully appealed his conviction The maximum sentence for contempt of court is two years
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