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Three tribes share their history and culture

Visitors to The Museum at Warm Springs will experience firsthand the sounds of ancient songs and languages, the mastery of traditional craftsmen …Read more

Tribes of India 01 – Important tribes in India

Kalash Valley History In Urdu | History Of Kafiristan | Kalash Valley in Pakistan | Chitral Girls

Kalash Valley Ke Anokhay Raaz || History of Kafristan || Amazing Facts About Kalash in Urdu/Hindi

The Virginia Indians: Meet the Tribes

NEW AGE CHUMASH Renaissance Descendants of a local coastal Indian tribe that has all but disappeared are rediscovering their culture

The vast majority have only a little Chumash blood but three are three and other American Indians than in the population at large Despite the obstacles many Chumash have taken to learning more about their heritage and culture and some are sharing
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Puyallup Indians recognize their gay and lesbian members with Pride events

The News Tribune spoke recently with three LGBT Puyallups and the tribes culture director about their lives and the tribes history Kristopher Gribben-Earl 36 owns his own business in Tacoma American Indian Landscaping Hes a burly man with a
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Matthew L Morgan Some things to keep in mind as Oklahoma and 31 tribes consider the future of gaming in the state

Tribal gaming in Oklahoma began more than three decades ago period of 180 days before their renewal date which is Jan 1 2020 but significantly do not terminate During the 180-day time period either the state or a tribe may request to
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Phoenix teachers learn to bring Native American history to classroom

PHOENIX The Heard Museum has wrapped up its second annual Teacher Institute program which gives Arizona educators a better understanding of American Indian history culture and art
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Five tribes across three counties find hope in tradition

More than 80 Indigenous youth from across three counties and five tribes gathered recently to celebrate Today we use it to in-part teach the youth the strength behind their culture History leaves out the fact that natives not only survived but
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North Dakota educators polish their approach to teaching indigenous students at summit

BISMARCK Teachers and administrators from all over North Dakota spanning from Standing Rock Sioux and Spirit Lake nations to Three Affiliated Tribes and Bismarck educators aware of our Native culture and history and where our students
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