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This man has rejected 21st century fashion, wears only Regency era clothes from the 1800s

However, a man from the UK has taken his style back to the Regency era by shunning modern-day fashion for clothes from the 1800s. But unlike other …Read more

The Rational Dress Society presents A History of Counter-Fashion

From Oxus to Euphrates: Sasanian Empire Symposium

French Regency Gilt Bronze Plateau, ca. 1820 | Manor House Treasures Preview

History of women in the United Kingdom | Wikipedia audio article

Man who prefers the 1800s only wears historical clothes

A man has decided to shun modern fast fashion and instead only ever wear clothes from the 1800s Regency era Picture SWNS He says it is the only way he feels comfortable in the 21st century
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Youll never be Chinese

I dont mean I wanted to wear a silk jacket and cotton slippers There is one final reason why the world does not want to be led by China in the 21st century The Communist Party of China has from its very inception encouraged strong anti-foreign
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Ricks Six Patchy fog flooded business owners speak out city nixes rail crossing plans and Eldridge wants a Y

A good Tuesday to all Well start the day off with patchy fog and end it will the likelihood of rain Heres a Hazardous Weather Outlook from the National Weather Service A few thunderstorms are possible this afternoon and tonight mainly northwest of a
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Fascinating photos show the Albino circus performers of the Victorian Era

These rare and fascinating photos show Albino men women and children posing for the camera in the nineteenth century – at a time when many of them would have been kept segregated from the rest of society During the 1800s the only form of employment
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In Praise Of Stolid Clothing

Pretty much the only time my father and any other man had to dress up was for church and funerals Everybody looked uncomfortable because they werent used to wearing more formal clothing he really has grown up Clothes really do make the man
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From hucksters to hedge fund paper to pixels The Denver Post has adapted to the times

These chapters in the history of The Denver Post share a singular goal to capture the attention of an information-consuming public pulled in many directions by multiple competing newspapers in the late 1800s than a century that change has been
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