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This giant hotel chain is getting rid of single-use toiletries to cut plastic waste

Tuesday's announcement was good news for sustainability advocates in the travel industry. Jo Hendrickx, founder and chief executive of Travel …Read more

This giant hotel chain is getting rid of single-use toiletries to reduce plastic waste

One of the worlds largest hotel companies to reduce plastic waste The company expects that to amount to about 200 million little bottles a year CEO Keith Barr said the decision followed an announcement last year to remove single-use plastic straws
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Travel industry takes aim at reducing plastic waste

The hospitality industry no longer is being hospitable to plastic waste Momentum is growing to minimize the use of single-use plastic among across its managed hotels globally by the end of this year It will also get rid of plastic bottles from
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22 Big Companies That Are Getting Rid of Plastic for Good

Theyre investing 21 million to get rid of plastic ring four To eliminate that waste the Walt Disney Company will ban single-use plastic straws and stirrers by summer of 2019 Disney also plans to cut down on single-use plastic bags with reusable
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On Thai island hotel guests check out of plastic waste

Hotels unchecked are huge consumers and users of single-use plastics contend with poor waste management and crumbling infrastructure Ive seen resorts in Bali that pay staff to rake the beach every morning to get rid of plastic but then they
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The rise of the plastic-free zero-waste grocery store

As hotels restaurants and cities continue to cut down on the use of single-use items like plastic straws and bags supermarkets are also addressing their waste output fill-pay refill system aims to get rid of the overcomplicated process most
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