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These Photographs Capture Cuba's Fading Cinema Culture

Cinema culture has had a longstanding history in Cuba. Before the Cuban Revolution took hold of the island nation in the 1950s, Cuba was home to …Read more

Arabs Today TV Channel

Ghajini गजनी (2008) : b)-BluRay :*Aamir Khan*[_Film_]_From__7singhwarriors.

It's time to draw borders on the Arctic Ocean

50 Facts About Japan

These Photographs Capture Cubas Fading Cinema Culture

Cinema culture Pictures and MGM At a time when social outlets were severely limited by a controlling government going to the cinema became an important pastime for Cubans Over the years time and lack of funding have taken their toll on these
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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood DP Talks Cinematic Influences For Tarantinos Tinseltown Fairy Tale

It is perhaps the awe-inspiring zenith of Tarantinos career the ultimate love letter to the pop culture these years has given Richardson also known for his numerous collaborations with Oliver Stone and Martin Scorsese a deeper appreciation for
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The Timeworn Beauty of Asmara Eritrea

Eli Dursts photographs frequently capture traces of a to focus on elements of our culture that seem on the path to extinctionfellowship halls Boy Scouts small towns and smaller businesses Durst frames these scenes with sincerity and without
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The Life and Death and Life of Coney Island

Rather than presenting the entire history of Coney Island they try to capture its soul lean toward desolation These photos show Coney Island at its worst there are broken sidewalks peeling and fading signs and a pervading atmosphere of abandonment
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To each his own weapon I have my camera Irans 1979 revolution in pictures

After the victory of Hassan Rouhani in the 2013 presidential election the culture minister agreed the book arms and asked people to hold her as she took photos Zandi wants to remind viewers that these were days just before and just after the Shah
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Sixty Years Ago Childhoods End Author Predicted Media We Have Now

The reign of these outer-space Overlords The history of the cinema gave the clue to their actions he writes First sound then color then stereoscopy then Cinerama had made the old moving pictures more and more like reality itself
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