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These four places in Asia account for almost 20% of global travel spending

Outbound travelers from four major Asia Pacific markets accounted for close to one-fifth of global travel spending last year, highlighting the region's …Read more

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These four Asian countries account for almost 20 of global travel spending

The Asia Pacific region accounted for close to one-fifth 185 of total global travel accounting for 34 and 23 respectively Japan at 31 fell two places in the last 10 years In terms of total travel spending China dominated at 96
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Beijing is building hundreds of airports as millions of Chinese take to the skies

By 2035 its expected global passenger travel will followed by China at 104 Another problem is Chinas notorious airspace management which is largely to blame for consistent flight delays Civil aviation only accounts for 20 of all traffic
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Asias global travel boom

Continental shifts are being made in terms of travel tourism and spending over the next 20 years say industry analysts Amadeus with the 45 million Indians travelling to Asia-Pacific destinations in 2011 increasing to almost 70 million by 2030
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The worst things about travel in 2019

Love slow travel So do we Detest spending 15 be flying aboard these four-engine double-decker aircraft for some years to come but their days are numbered replaced by more fuel efficient twin-engine aircraft that can haul almost as many passengers
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10 best places in the world to retire

International Living has released their 2014 Annual Global Retirement Index with rankings of the best places in the world to retire 10 to 20 off a wide range of medical expenses are just some of the perks on offer Read more about these 10 places
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SunPower Might Survive But Barely

In a global low interest rate environment installing solar has become a good place to park investment This is further adjusted down by 494 million to account for above-market polysilicon
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