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These death-defying human towers build on Catalan tradition

But perhaps the most dramatic display of Catalonian culture comes from the people themselves, who literally and figuratively band together to build …Read more

Human towers: A Catalonian tradition

The biggest human tower ever seen

Spain's mesmerizing tradition of building human towers

best human tower FAIL!

Catalonias human towers to pop up on the Mall

They are human-tower builders from Catalonia and they know what theyre doing Dont try this at home or anywhere These towers are called castells a centuries-old Catalan tradition and competitive tower building This years festival
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What Does a 36-Foot-Tall Human Tower Have to Do With Catalan Independence

Matthias OesterleDemotixCorbis People form a human tower in support of a Catalan cultural traditions A mongoose is lightning fast and has razor-sharp teeth A black mamba can kill 15 grown men with just one bite Which of these two mortal enemies
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Hundreds build human towers in Spain for Tarragona Castells Competition

THOUSANDS of spectators packed into an old bull ring in Spain to watch as teams of hundreds of people built incredible human towers for the 24th Tarragona Castells Competition The Catalan tradition of creating these towers is believed to date back to the
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Mesmerizing Photos of the Human Tower Festivals of Catalonia

Every year in Catalonia Spain there are festivals in which people come together to build colorful and ridiculously tall human towers and courage These towers are called castells which means castles in Catalan Photographer David
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Exclusive 360 degree view of Catalonias human towers

The four best teams of castellers or human tower builders assembled at the weekend in front of the town hall at Vilafranca to build These guys train three times a week with a performance on Sunday and 80-90 per cent of them are Catalan
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With Human Pyramids Catalans Reach For Independence

Theyre called castells castle in the local Catalan language Many neighborhoods in Catalonia have their own local castells clubs Its an 18th century UNESCO-recognized tradition specific to Catalonia Human tower-building has exploded in
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