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These Are the Books That Have Inspired Our Readers to Travel

Books have the power to inspire travel, whether that's a physical trip or something that happens in our own imaginations. From suggestions for …Read more

The Blair Witch Project at 20 Why It Cant Be Replicated

Still few have matched that teams care and inventiveness since Then they monitored the sites message board an early internet outpost for horror fans to share theories and debate the so-called evidence Wed get in and dial up our modems and
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The Dark History Behind the Years Bestselling Debut Novel

But her stepson Christopher and her husband have been implicated by of people started emailing me about this book he told me in an email readers who made the connection between
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17 Great Books for Anyone Who Wants to Get Ahead in Life

Thats why high achievers tend to be readers our existence and purpose In these books Yuval Noah Harari teaches us important lessons on who we are how we came to be and what to expect in the future His discoveries and insights are captivating
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Did Meghan Markle Copy the Vogue Cover She Guest-Edited From a Book She Helped Produce

While many have praised the cover other readers have called out the Duchess of Sussex Theyre accusing her of copying the best-selling book The feel as inspired as I do by the Forces for Change theyll find within these pages she
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The 25 best stories on HerStory that our readers loved in 2018

We opened our inboxes to stories of sexual harassment abuse and stood up with the sisterhood And of course as storytellers we captured some of these and shared them with our readers is a must read 25 Have feet will travel This one is for
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Why Have Novels About Royalty Stormed the YA Best-Seller Lists

These books are an escape for readers eager to see the high stakes of adolescent While we may not poison our enemies we have these social relationships where you take stuff to extremes What happens if I do this terrible thing
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