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The White Storm 2: Drug Lords review – triad sequel makes a hash of its plot

Eventually it emerges that Yu has used his wealth to order hits on the drug lords whose business has caused so much suffering. The state-approved message that crime – especially narcotics – is bad is none too subtly preached throughout, and naturally …Read more

The White Storm 2 Drug Lords review triad sequel makes a hash of its plot

This sequel-in-name-only to 2013s action-thriller The White Storm brings over from its predecessor the Hong Kong-set crime milieu a tri-protagonist structure and just one actor the sardonic Louis Koo bizarrely playing an entirely different character
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Movie review Childs Play

But by tapping into the more cerebral fear of artificial intelligence and killer robots the film also loses the sense of visceral terror that makes great horror Plot a drug lord The White Storm 2 carries a strong anti-drug message but its
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Two out one in rule to shrink size of the House of Lords to 600 Review says upper chamber must be cut by a quarter to earn publics confidence

New peers should only be appointed if two others have died or retired according to a major report on shrinking the size of the House of Lords A review by the Lord Speaker public confidence and support for its crucial constitutional role in checking
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UK police quiz Spacey over sexual assault claims

Were working on a lot of things including an executive order Mr Trump told reporters outside the White House as he left for Chinese company to ratchet up plans to make a mobile operating system of its own Huawei is challenging in federal
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The best thrillers of all time

Some of cinemas most iconic moments have come from the thriller genre from Anthony Hopkins sinister delivery of Clarice in The Silence of the Lambs to the grisly wood chipper scene in Fargo Heres a look at the best thrillers of all time
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Will God Save Kavanaugh

That attitudes may not have changed from an older generation to Kavanaughs and may have gotten still worse and not only at elitist Georgetown Prep but in society at large is sad beyond telling says Ray McGovern Are boys really better than
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