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The true cost of not protecting customer data in travel

For those travel brands who have not taken GDPR seriously, recent fines surely serve as a wake-up call. With data breach penalties of up to 4% of …Read more

The Alleged Capital One Hacker Didnt Cover Her Tracks

On Monday the FBI and the bank Capital One disclosed a data not publicly named a culprit or motive Capital One estimates that responding to the incident will cost 100 million to 150 million in the short term But as usual consumers are the true
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How The British Airways Breach Will Reveal The True Cost Of GDPR

The update to general data protection regulation GDPR addition to any compensation BA needs to pay to customers who might have suffered financial fraud as a result of the breach But the costs do not end there BA has been threatened with a 500
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How much is your data worth to tech companies

Warner and Josh Hawley seeks to protect privacy by forcing tech companies to disclose the true to regulate not just data monetization but more widely address the value and cost of data
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Data breaches getting costlier harder to detect and repair says IBM study

Larry Ponemon Chairman and Founder of the Ponemon Institute the research think tank dedicated to advancing privacy and data protection practices the greater the total cost This is especially true in the case of malicious and criminal attacks
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Hapi Achieves PCI-DSS Service Provider Certification

For hotels this means that any solution touching the PMS may need to be PCI compliant even if the system itself does not deal with credit card data There is a new approach to solve this dilemma for hotels The Data Travel team has achieved PCI-DSS
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Travel Needs to Consider Life Without Facebook and Google Says Former Facebook Investor

The constant refrain in travel over the last five years has involved Facebook and Googles role in not just travel It starts with protecting consumer privacy treating users and customers as people with the right to protect their data instead of
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