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The Syrian refugees changing the UK's food scene

“He loved my food and after he got better I made everyone a big feast from one pan, and everyone had my 'Jungle eggs' – people loved it,” Rahimeh …Read more

The Daily Show – Minhaj's Muslim Makeover

The Syrian refugee who says: 'Don't come to Sweden… or think carefully about it' – BBC Trending

Yazidi survivor: 'I was raped every day for six months' – BBC News

Why Does France Control The UK's Border?

The Syrian refugees changing the UKs food scene

Rahimeh is one of almost 14000 Syrian refugees who have arrived in the UK since 2015 and a growing number of chefs bringing Syrian cuisine to the countrys food scene Ever wondered why you feel so gloomy about the world – even at a time when humanity
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Meet the Syrian Refugee Whos Changing Denmarks Burger Scene

MUNCHIES recently sat down to speak to him about burgers his journey to Denmark Syrian more refugees been employed now Right now theres many mostly from Syria and Eritrea I think seven of us are immigrants or refugees What kinds of food did
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Toronto Is Now Home to a Thriving Syrian Food Scene

Many of the immigrants that came to Torontowhether as part of the refugee surge or beforefound a home in the citys diverse exciting restaurant scene daughter shop serves homestyle Syrian food thats a change from the street food or
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Boises little-known arts scene is undergoing a cultural renaissance

We have great food healthy and athletic people it had already placed more Syrian refugees than New York and Los Angeles combined During my short stay there I also met folks from Iraq and South Sudan Most Boiseans I spoke with artists musicians
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Syrian refugee chefs share their recipes

Recently the venue was host to several refugee chefs who prepared their recipes for hungry and curious Parisians as part of an inaugural Refugee Food Festival Reservations for the evening filled up fast and about 110 people gathered to eat Syrian and
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Refugees serve up a taste of home at food festival in France

The Refugee Food Festival was the initiative of Food Sweet Food an organization that specializes in forming connections between people through culinary events books and documentaries and UNHCR the UN Refugee Agency The goal was to change the way
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