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The Story at the Heart of Japanese Culture: “The Tale of Genji”

The Tale of Genji has played a substantial role in the formation of Japanese culture, and has lost none of its radiance in the millennium since it was …Read more

How Superman Smashes the Klan Updates a Piece of DC History

It was a story in which Superman made America a better place in I dont know if youre familiar with their work but theyre so good theyre a Japanese art studio but its really just two women one does all the pencils and the
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Ignore the Little Mermaid backlash and racist social media trolls

we really need to tell the story And thats what we want to do we want to make a connection to the audience So I know for Disney that they have the heart of storytelling thats really what
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Top 10 books about Japan

Sseki poured all his angst and insights into his great psychological novel about The Heart of Things the story in Japan going back almost a millennium to Sei Shnagons The Pillow Book and a little later to The Tale of Genji seen
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Reimagined Contemporary Artists Take on The Tale of Genji

To mark the gallerys inaugural year in New York ten SEIZAN artists have been commissioned to create unique works responding to the classic Japanese romance story The Tale of Genji for twenty-three years in the heart of the Ginza district of
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Review The Last Black Man in San Francisco is a gorgeous moving ode to a city in flux

Together they bring a delicate handcrafted sensibility to this aching story of identity community and the deep amusing and make their way along the waterfront into the heart of a pulsing teeming city with which they feel increasingly out
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New Documentary Examines a Chinese Factory in the Heart of America

live in a culture where children are showered with encouragement 26 and was one of five festival films curated by four New York-based film critics The story In 2015 Cao Dewang chairman of Fuyao Glass America arrived in Dayton to check out the
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