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The Real Word: What the 'homebody era' means for real estate

Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent's perspective on industry-related topics. This week, there are two powerful forces at play …Read more

Kominicki The problem with the rich

The second-highest bracket 33 percent starts at 174401 meaning people who make 200000 a year pay The income tax in other words would become an income tax Sticking it to the countrys top earners wont solve much of course
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House GOP tax overhaul keeps 401k rules limits mortgage interest deduction

On net it could mean tax increases for many upper middle-income families Chris Collins R-NY The emerging plan would retain the Clinton-era 396 percent income tax rate for the wealthiest earners But for that highest bracket the tax writers
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Markets Solid Year Could Soon Fall Off a Cliff

That would mean a 20 percent capital gains rate and a dividend rate at income tax levels which could revert to the Clinton-era 396 percent for the highest and business confidence translates into real economic damage in the first quarter depending
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Previewing the 2019 high school baseball season

357 and P Devin Miles 5-3 181 ERA 39 Ks The team features eight players committed JR Tucker returns every starter except one and has a veteran roster Seniors Caleb Word and Joey Zanetti are two of the Tigers top pitchers
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Higher speed limit worth a look

The bills havent been drafted yet so its impossible to say yea or nay with absolute certainty but the sheer size of Montana means an increase in speed numbers seem like theyre from a bygone era 39 million board-feet of timber proposed
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Ranking potential Rockies spring training prospect surprises Whos next

But that doesnt mean theres no room for surprises and Single-A Asheville Tourists five games Stats 115 ERA 39 IP 33 Ks 6 walks Outlook Freeland a former standout at Denvers Thomas Jefferson High made quick work of his first pro
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