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The real Cats controversy? The whitewashing of Francesca Hayward

While furry versions of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen and Idris Elba were instantly recognisable, a less familiar face in the trailer was that of Francesca Hayward, principal dancer with the Royal Ballet. She is one of Britain's best-known ballerinas …Read more

Bluffers guide to the 17 best songs stars movies and more of 2017

Whatever she did in 2017 including the release of her album Reputation she caused controversy of real-life and fictional female heroes a trend that was kicked off with the phenomenal success of Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls by Francesca Cavallo
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BAZ BAMIGBOYE Ballerina Frankie Hayward is the cat that got the cream

One executive on the film backed by the Working Title production company said that securing Hayward known as Frankie was a major piece of casting Shes purrfect Victorias character will act as a liaison to the different breeds of cat who
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Scarlett Johansson doubles down on views of Rub Tug casting controversy I should be allowed to play any person

Just one year earlier criticism was sparked upon the announcement Johansson was to play the lead in a live-action version of Japanese anime Ghost in the Shell fans accused it of being another example of Hollywood whitewashing In Marie Claires
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Cats Sets Hamiltons Andy Blankenbuehler as Choreographer

The upcoming Cats adaptation recently added Jason Derulo to the cast which also includes Taylor Swift Idris Elba Judi Dench the Royal Ballets Francesca Hayward Jennifer Hudson James Corden and Ian McKellan Derulo will portray Rum Tum
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Reimagined West Side Story to form centre of Royal Exchanges new season

The play which Yeatman also directs addresses contemporary misconceptions about the Luddite uprising and asks audiences to think again about the real cost of progress then and now Frankcom said As we strive to make our city bigger
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The Real Trouble With ClimateGate

Chris is correct that ClimateGate is merely a nasty sideshow However the real trouble happens when people inevitably jump to whatever conclusion suits them best This I fear will be most damagingfor all of science
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