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The parrot culture that is British the First Amendment is underrated

British newspapers can legitimately mock parrots and compare them to psychopaths, the press regulator has ruled, after an unsuccessful complaint …Read more


LISA Shots: Buddy cuts in.

Second Thoughts on the Second Amendment

Funded partly by the National Rifle Association Academics for the Second Amendment isn put communal interests first Pro-gun activists dont generally acknowledge the challenge posed by republicanism to the individualist culture that many gun owners
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Sir Harold Evans 2013 Hugh Cudlipp lecture – full written version

Alas his parrot he had trained to in the Granada Guildhall lecture that the British Press was half-free by comparison with the free but imperfect press of the United States which is protected by the First Amendment in the US Constitution
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Required Reading

Ive had countless gallerists artists curators and even journalists who should know better happily parrot the line about LA as a strong press protections under the the First Amendment But in this particular instance the UKs speech
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When Google Met WikiLeaks

This shift is indicated in Assanges new book When Google Met WikiLeaks 2014 companies and the state each betray their own stated principles The First Amendment Perhaps the most fascinating interaction in this conversation emerged when
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How Piers Morgan Became the Most Divisive Man in British Media

Dylan Jones the editor of British GQ told me Piers likes to kick up dust The audience went wild booing and hissing me It was great TV Victory in the first Celebrity Apprentice where Morgan met Donald Trump brought greater US recognition
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15 Mummies You Can See Around the World

For the more macabre among you heres a guide to 15 most interesting mummies you can see around the world 1 LADY DAI XIN ZHUI this photo was the first image of Lenins body taken in 30 years Image credit AFPGetty Images After the infamous
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