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The misogynistic side of Bollywood

For a large fraction of the Indian population, Bollywood is the go-to for entertainment. You have an array of genres to choose from — drama, thriller, romance and comedy. However, one trend that remains constant across all these genres is Bollywood’s …Read more

Is Bollywood still entertaining you through its loud misogyny and objectification?

🇮🇳 Does Bollywood have a woman problem? | बॉलीवुड में महिलाओं का समस्यात्मक चित्रण

Does Bollywood objectify women?

5 Shocking Bollywood Scenes The Censor Board Casually Ignored

Kabir Singh Vs Arjun Reddy Who Wins The Rowdy Title Out Of These Two

the film also earned its share of brickbats for glorifying toxic masculinity and tones of misogyny Despite all the nays-says Arjun Reddy shattered all box office records and became a craze So much so that it caught the attention of Bollywood too and
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A new play shows a side of Bhagat Singh that politicians and Bollywood movies gloss over

Or the jingoistic patriot as seen in Bollywood films In dancer Navtej Johars latest When it comes to this supremist agenda which is also inherently casteist and misogynist and has been silently at work over the last 10 centuries our voices
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Indian cricket players are suspended ahead of the national teams one-day international with Australia over sexist remarks in a TV chat show

Honestly I got a bit carried away with the nature of the show he wrote Indian captain Virat Kohli returned to the Sydney Cricket Ground on Friday – the same location where his Test team made history days earlier – to condemn the comments
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We the men of Bollywood have been complicit in MeToo for long enough

Bollywood and the media industry at large has excused the terrible behaviour of people in power because we cant stop putting people who have made it on pedestals We overlook misconduct verbal abuse unkindness and even misogynybigotry
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The deeply misogynistic and anti-women jibe of Shaina NC against Mayawati

She wanted to be a lawyer when she was in college but she was also attracted to fashion designing Shaina NC is known in the Indian fashion industry as someone has rightly pointed out – This is deeply misogynistic and anti-women statement because
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A Candid Chat With Kabir Singhs Soham Majumdar Kunal Thakur On Working With Shahid Kapoor

It has Shahid Kapoor playing the role of Kabir Singh and he has nailed the performance to the T however the film has also been targeted for the overall tonality of it considering the element of misogyny being is this other side too as we are a
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