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The Madras Art Movement is back in focus with a much-needed retrospective; but why was it …

The Madras Art Movement heralded the emergence of a new vanguard of modern art in south India; The artists of the Madras Art Movement …Read more

Men of Steel, Women of Wonder: Opening Talk | Fahamu Pecou & Aphrodite Navab

Audio | J. Krishnamurti & Scientists – Brockwood 1974, Seminars – 7: The brain, meditation, …

Is Caste a Development Issue?

Jeanne S. Chall Lecture – Teaching Readers, Not Reading: Addressing Students' Individual Differences

M Rama Sureshs paintings draw the viewer in

When I chose to focus on the back I knew it would be a major challenge says Rama The exhibition will be on till May 19 at the Soul Spice art gallery 2111 First Main Road CIT Colony Mylapore Ph 9840478886
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Goan art Two steps forward three steps back

On the one hand Goan art and culture is experiencing a golden era The states artists have never received as much acclaim as they are experiencing now there is a sustained positive movement in to be opened as a much-needed modern and contemporary
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We Need a New Kind of Feminist Art

We are not protesting what we dont want Roysdon once said in relation to her queer activism we are performing what we want The idea of creating the world you want to live in on a microcosmic level is one thats central to feminist
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Why Crysis still melts the fastest gaming PCs a decade after release

It deserves a remaster at the very least but a franchise of this standing really deserves a full next-gen sequel with state-of-the-art rendering and back games – the focus has changed as weve explained recently in our Far Cry tech retrospective
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I have never felt the need to portray a shy or meek woman

Unlike her contemporaries who focus on one medium Rini Dhumals works personify Titled Parallel Wings – The Art of RiniDhumal the 60 works of the showcase features the central theme of the devi or divinity of women The art made over two years
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Good Game Well Played The Story of the Staying Power of StarCraft

Art may largely be a matter of taste Now the second-round pick is back to square one in the pros fighting for a roster spot with the Sacramento Kingsand a much-needed paycheck The Life Cycle of Team USA Basketball Almost every NBA star of note
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