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The Jason Mitchell Group, Arizona's No. 1 Real Estate Team, is Giving Back to Arizona Veterans in …

Via the VA Rewards Program, active-duty military and veterans who buy or sell their home with the award-winning real estate group will receive 30 …Read more

Steve Bannons group built its own wall spanning one mile along the US-Mexico border

and a team of hundreds began constructing it on Friday night Bannon claims that the wall will connect two 21-mile sections of existing fence but this has not been independently confirmed according to CNN Border Patrol told us its the No 1 most
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One takeaway from the regular season for every NBA team

Now that the regular season is complete its time to look back at each team from a big picture perspective What did this season teach us about a particular team a particular player a particular coach Did the team meet or exceed expectations
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The Daily 202 Pence wins Trump loses in vice-presidential debate

In Frank Luntzs focus group during last weeks presidential debate She doesnt cry foul No she gets right back up comes back stronger for the people who needs her most She also denounced his treatment of former Miss Universe winner
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Area natives discovery of mastodon bones was historic find

However there was no consensus in the archaeological field as to whether on not this was provable This situation changed in 2011 when DNA sequencing and CT scans were done at the Center of the Study of the First American Anthropology Department at Texas
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Old mentor comes to defense of Kevin Garnett

Off the court there is no than Kevin Garnett said Mitchell Theres not a more gentle man or a teammate or a person than Kevin Garnett Kevin Garnett does things for people that they dont even know he did for them Hes a giving
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Veterans group uncovers a child sex trafficking camp in Arizona

A vigilante veterans group claim to have discovered a child sex trafficking camp with an underground bunker a so-called rape tree and a branch with the name Maddie carved into it The abandoned camp near Tucson Arizona was uncovered by Veterans On
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