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The Irish Times view on the creative sector: art for art's sake

The National College of Art and Design has come through many transitions and relocation since its origins as a drawing school in 1746. Since then it …Read more

The DeLorean paradox: how it failed and became a legend

HOW TO ANALYZE PEOPLE ON SIGHT – FULL AudioBook – Human Analysis, Psychology, Body Language

GOG: Preserving Gaming's Past & Future

Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard? | Jon Jandai | TEDxDoiSuthep

The Irish Times view on the creative sector art for arts sake

The National College of Art and Design has come through many transitions and A reappraisal of an institutions mission is no bad thing and her reasoning on the future of the creative sector is cogent and considered as well as being in tune with
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The Fight Over How Cuyahoga Countys Arts Funding is Given to Artists

Gahl-Mills has said many times Art for Arts Sake The problem with the new philosophy is that beyond the buzzwords no ones able to describe what it is What is change What is impact And how does it differ from the fruits of the Creative
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In like Fionn

Thats because many Irish-Americans just want to rock out to the Pogues playing Nokia Theatre in Times Square this St Patricks Day will play the Leid Center for the Performing Arts in Lincoln Neb Not coincidentally St Patricks Day
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Self-criticism A theater critics search for nuance in the age of Yelp

The end of this year will mark my 10th anniversary as The Times theater critic In the meantime Im still waiting for the nonprofit sector universities being the obvious place to launch new arts journalism initiatives and collaborations
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BPI says next Stormzys future at stake ahead of key EU copyright vote

For the sake of the next Dua Lipa or Stormzy and the next Spotify and that innovation and partnership are the keys to a successful diverse and sustainable creative sector in the EU For both European creators and consumers its vital to
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The Irish Times view on artists incomes culture on the cheap

Photograph Brenda Fitzsimons As part of its Global Ireland programme the Government last week announced its intention to promote Irish arts and culture frequently one of sacrifice for the sake of their art It is hard to point to anything
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