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The innovation equation: How culture drives big ideas at 4 Chicago companies

Our culture grew organically out of necessity. We work with bright minds in a fast-paced environment and we collectively created a culture where …Read more

The innovation equation How culture drives big ideas

Built In Chicago is the online community for Chicago startups and tech companies Find startup jobs tech news and events Built In United We Tech
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The 5 Reasons Big Companies Struggle With Innovation

Things you do to drive profits are typically at the expense of reinvesting those profits into additional growth and innovation of the business for winning the World Series 4 MANAGING TOWARDS THE MIDDLE Big companies are all about consensus building
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What Innovation Will Have the Greatest Impact on Health Systems Spoiler Alert Most Say AI

As HealthLeaders innovations editor I was interested in what innovation participants thought platforms that will give us innovative ideas well into the future But sometimes we struggle with some of these big ideas that arent quite ready for prime
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How Do You Master Digital Customer Experience Leadership

Most recently at ATT she built and executed programs to drive change in their culture systematically embed CX and strategically drive CX innovation consumer and B2B companies as well as retail He is co-author of Big Ideas to Big Results FT
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The 100 Economy Why the US Needs a Strong Middle Class to Thrive

An ace venture capitalist he is the founder of several companies including one called aQuantive that he sold to Microsoft for 64 billion On the day of the of books and days full of time to explore big ideas Think of those comforts as an investment
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Looking to Innovate Ditch the Startup Mentality and Adopt a Venture Capitalist Mindset

In other words CEOs should think of themselves as funders not founders of startups within their own companies This VC mindset involves thinking big taking risks portfolio approach to innovation investing in a range of ideas based on key insights
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