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The imperial fringe: Ottoman art in Corfu

Off the coast of Greece's northwestern region in the Ionian Sea, the fortified island of Corfu is the only place in modern Greece that remained out of …Read more

The art of buying a carpet

There are two schools of thought about oriental carpet buying The first the one expounded in many guidebooks as well as possessing the most exquisite instances of the art form Iran is also the origin of most of the designs made elsewhere
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In Albania age-old traditions and Mediterranean beaches on the cheap

While lunch for two in nearby Corfu a popular holiday destination in Greece Down below we could see a fringe of powdery white sand on the Ionian coast These undeveloped crescent beaches are some of the prettiest you can find on the Big Blue
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Is this the most underrated corner of the Mediterranean

But when Columbus stumbled on the New World the attention of kings and adventurers turned westward bolstering the rise of countries such as Spain and Portugal that were well placed for imperial adventures food art and religion Orthodox Muslim
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US Revolution Inspired Imitators Fleetingly

But Giles Coreys brutal execution was not some aberrant punishment concocted on the fringe of the Europeanized world It was to be a builder a warrior a patron of the arts and a later- day version of Apollo It was to be the very embodiment of
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Heres the Full 2017 Lineup for Montreals Fantasia Festival

Hes done every conceivable genre from grand historical epics and martial arts to romantic comedies westerns and hard-boiled crime flicks Hes played an Ottoman warrior of sold out crowds at the 900-seat Imperial Theater This year marks a very
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The Book of Devices

Kadares fiction intuits the spirt of the art movements of his day form of extreme nationalism unfollowed by the national majority But in the Balkans of Ottoman times nations went doubly silent unable to speak by law while thoroughly
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