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The Hidden Food Menu of Hong Kong

Discover Hong Kong's different dining cultures. Enjoy local teatime snacks with Hong Kong-style milk tea and egg tarts.Read more

香港美國人教你自製麥當勞隱藏菜單!Secret Menu from US McDonald's -《Lai in Hong Kong》

Secret Menu

Hong Kong's Best Hidden Bars! Featuring hidden doorways and more!

香港Shake Shack神秘Menu獨家公開 極邪惡Burger點先食到?

The face of Hong Kongs democracy movement is released and joins the new protest

beneath the glossy digital billboards of Hong Kongs shopping district Past the giant scantily clad Victorias Secret models prancing above their heads past the roast ducks hanging in restaurant windows and the bars where the large-bellied foreign
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Lets try the food at the Hong Kong McDonalds

Im spending time in one of the worlds indisputably great food cities and here I am sitting with a shamefully large order of food at a Hong Kong McDonalds making a loud scene in the middle of the restaurant I shouldnt have added the
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Blood samples to identify sex of babies are being smuggled into Hong Kong driven by Chinas preference for boys

Other tricks include hiding tubes inside packaged food The Post has reached out to Hong Kong Laboratory Co Limited a company stated in the form attached to the test kit on whether it has knowledge of the origins of samples received The lab has not
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10 Hidden Experiences in Hong Kong

The waterfall at the end of this hidden hike is now very well marked off a meal at NOBU At the Hong Kong International hotel Japanese restaurant NOBU is currently taking its visitors on a Gourmet Journey of Japan Over the rest of the year
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The best restaurants in Hong Kong for private dinner parties and events

From a secret venue hidden inside a hotel kitchen to a Southside restaurant that serves wonderful homemade pastas and Italian fare the places below are great choices for private dining functions that you and your guests are sure to remember With spacious
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A secret Hong Kong comes alive at night

This is typical of Hong Kong with its secret bars hidden speakeasies and rooftop patios with local craft beers on draft and Neo-Cantonese food Roundhouse Chicken Beer in Wan Chai and Roundhouse BBQ Beer in Central also offer local brews
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