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The Gerrymandering Ruling Was Bad, but the Alternatives Were Worse

Extreme partisan gerrymanders are unfair, because they distort the result of elections to produce legislative bodies that do not accurately reflect the party leanings of the voters. Extreme partisan gerrymanders are also unhealthy for democracy, because they …Read more

The Gerrymandering Ruling Was Bad but the Alternatives Were Worse

The Supreme Court made a painfully flawed decision Thursday on partisan gerrymandering In fact the decision has only one point in its favor It is better than the alternatives There was no good answer but the Court chose the least bad one If that
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Supreme Court Gerrymandering Ruling Isnt the End of Democracy

In a highly anticipated ruling issued Thursday the US Supreme Court said partisan gerrymandering is badand that the federal Democrat-drawn maps made in 2011 were actually less compact
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The Bad and the Not-as-Bad From Todays Supreme Court Rulings

Some were much worse This allows gerrymandering to continue and flourish Its now in the hands of voters across the nation to hold legislators to account and demand fair maps Speaking of the census SCOTUS handed down another ruling today
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POLITICO Playbook Bidens bad night

Arguments that have hovered around Biden for months which he has mostly brushed aside in above-the-fray fashion that left his front-runner status secure were made directly to At his worst the frontrunner seemed to shrink on the crowded stage
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The Health 202 Elizabeth Warren says shed scrap private insurance to get Medicare-for-all

She and New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio were the only candidates causing even worse doctor and hospital shortages and ultimately making it harder for people to get care He called it bad policy to require hospitals Medicare rates which are
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This solution to gerrymandering is worse than the problem

The court has regulated racial gerrymandering under issuing a ruling Yet after batting the Maryland case around for an hour the justices seemed no closer to a solution than they were before It seems like a pretty clear violation of the
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