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The Future of Education: Building a Culture of Learning

Throughout this piece, Guilbault breaks down the ways in which organizations can create a culture of learning in the workplace and receive the …Read more

New Learning Program Series at APTech A Positive Step for the Future of Print

Launched in December 2018 to rave reviews the program has now expanded into an on-going series of learning sessions as part of the enterprising exciting and intriguing about the future opportunities within the industry I found the discussion
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Building a Culture of Revision Reassessment and Reflection in Pursuit of Mastery

time to revisit the true value of an education and remind ourselves that education is about the learning process not academic standards Educators need to work toward building learning environments that only grade students on mastery of content
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Three Steps For Building A Culture Of Accountability

You cant shift to a culture of accountability at the drop of a hat senior leaders should plant the seed and nurture it with key internal culture drivers to ensure it becomes the company norm Step One Starting At Square One By Building The Right Team
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This Canada Day we need a new citizenship oath

In learning about Canada that are perpetuated through forms of public pedagogy like popular culture education and gate-keeping systems such as the citizenship process
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Silicon Valley-Funded Start-Up AltSchool Ends Management of its Private Lab Schools But Invests in Growing National Network of Partner Schools

Supreme Court Will Hear Key School Choice Case Challenging Ban on Religious Schools Participating in Montana Tax-Credit Scholarship Program The 12 Best Education will be key to building a strong future for Altitude Learning Thats really our
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Houston head of national architecture firm shares plans for growth and new projects

Ledet met with the HBJ to talk about these projects the merger and the companys plans for the future architecture of the building but the transformation that has happened in the service line to build that hospital or education building
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