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The foods that sharpen your mind

We're learning some of the best things to eat in this regard include vegetables, nuts and berries, foods containing "good fats" and, possibly, fermented …Read more

10 Healthy Brain Food | Boost Your Brain Memory Fast

Sanjeevani || BRAIN FOOD II 18 JULY 2016 II

Super Intelligence: 🍎 Memory Music, Improve Memory and Concentration, Binaural Beats Focus Music

9 Brain Exercises to Strengthen Your Mind

The foods that sharpen your mind

Trying to keep up with what constitutes a healthy diet can be exhausting but the quality of your diet also plays a critical role in our cognitive function With unending options at the supermarket and diet advice coming from all directions filling
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Exercises to improve memory 5 most effective exercises to enhance brain power and sharpen your mind

it is important to exercise our brain to sharpen your mind and improve memory Here is a list of exercises to improve memory and enhance your brain power ALSO READ 5 best brain foods students should eat during exams No you do not have to look into
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14 sleepy baby animals to sharpen your mind

Before the second round one group looked at pictures of cute baby animals another looked at adult animals and another looked at something non-animal related such as food The volunteers and improve your work performance A newborn white baby
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10 Foods That Ruin Your Brain According To Doctors

But what you eat affects not just your weight The brain also enjoys healthy benefits of food However just like how some foods ruin a persons summer body the brain can also be a victim of bad diet There are foods that can negatively affect cognitive
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The best type of exercise uses your bodyand your brain

John Ratey has studied the brain for more the microbiome and what food does to our body and our brains I recommend to my patients and to everyone limit your carb intake he said
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11 Surprising Delicious Foods That Boost Brain Power

You may choose certain foods to prevent bloating avoid inflammation and get glowing skinbut what about boosting your brain power every time you fill your plate The relationship between diet and brain healthfrom how to sharpen your mind and memory
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