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The ex-Amazon employee who allegedly hacked into the 5th largest credit card company in the US posted about it …

Former software engineer Paige A. Thompson hacked into Capital One systems and accessed information to more than 100 million credit card customers, according to prosecutors. Authorities say they tracked down the suspect after she allegedly talked about …Read more

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Loan Shark Week: A Vortex of Debt

The ex-Amazon employee who allegedly hacked into the 5th largest credit card company in the US posted about it online the FBI says

FBI agent Joel Martini laid out evidence in the criminal complaint which was found online on Github Slack Meetup and Twitter
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Intel Vets Challenge Russia Hack Evidence

Obamas admission came as no surprise to us to fit into the same agenda-driven category It is largely based on an assessment not supported by any apparent evidence that a shadowy entity with the moniker Guccifer 20 hacked the DNC
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Silent Treatment Preferred Weapon of People with Narcissism

For those in or getting out of a romantic relationship with a self-absorbed individual the silent treatment can feel like a punishment worse than death The silent treatment is a form of emotional abuse typically employed by people with narcissistic
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Article 29 Working Party still not happy with Windows 10 privacy controls

European Union data protection watchdogs Article 29 Working Party have said they still have concerns about the privacy settings of Microsofts Windows 10 operating system despite the US company announcing changes to the installation process
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Corbin Fisher Doesnt Care About The Thieving Little Shits Who Might Commit Suicide If Outed

In response to one persons email to the company expressing disdain which would almost certainly be available to the public what content the defendant allegedly infringed on In this case it would have to include the file name and BitTorrent
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Krebs on Security

Turns out the hackers targeted this company so that they could In particular through their unlawful intrusion into Victim-12s network Shalon and his co-conspirators determined which credit and debit card numbers Victim-12 employees were
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