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The Economics of Private Jet Travel and How to Omakase

Private jet travel can make great sense even if the political optics are tough especially when traveling between small cities on a tight schedule.Read more

Chinese private jet buyers shift from traditional sectors to new IT and high-tech industries

In the past decade demand for private jets experienced explosive growth in China along with the countrys economic boom their frequent travel destinations and their travel plans such as the number of people that usually take a flight
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The first generation of electric airplanes is almost here

Some eco-conscious souls have quit air travel cold turkey but Noertker says theres another solution Follow Elon Musks lead and replace jet fuel here is the economic benefits
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How many private jets are expected to land in Davos this week

Despite global warming being one of the major issues discussed at Davos every year some attendees will be arriving at the World Economic Forum in taking a private jet is the worst way to travel to Davos We have been offering incentives to
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Asias jet set being forced to buy old planes or sell up and fly commercially says new head of business aviation group

Wu said friends gave up their own jets after a couple of years and with restricted access to preferred take-off times using a private plane dented business travel in the region the US was riding on a more robust economic growth in spite
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What Canada and South Africa can teach the US about slavery reparations

Counterfeit alcohol sometimes containing jet fuel or embalming fluid is a growing concern for tourists abroad Why states and cities should stop handing out billions in economic incentives to
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Driving forces behind rise of golf tourism in north-east

The economic value of the sector to courses and associated businesses Weve also had the pleasure of transporting a group of CEOs who had flown in from Switzerland on their private jet for a game of golf and a dram of whisky before flying back
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