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The Division 2 offline for maintenance right now, back in a few hours

Ubisoft’s The Division 2 is going offline for maintenance right about now, 8.30am BST. That’s 09:30 AM CEST / 03:30 AM EDT / 12:30 AM PDT in other parts of the globe, and we’re expecting the game to be offline for approximately 3 hours. The update isn’t …Read more

The Division 2 server status update: When will maintenance end and game come back online?

The Division 2 server status update: When will maintenance end and game come back online?

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The Division 2 is down for maintenance Ubisoft abandons fixes

Ubisoft will be taking Tom Clancys The Division 2 offline this morning until the servers come back online Agents maintenance incoming tomorrow May 31st at 0930 AM CEST 0330 AM EDT 0030 AM PDT approximately 3 hours Ubisoft estimates
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The Division 2 server status LATEST When will maintenance end and game come back online

Maintenance has concluded Ubisoft confirms Servers are back online and the patch has been applied ORIGINAL The Division 2 server status doesnt make for good reading right now as Ubisoft takes the game offline again The latest batch of server
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Living without water the crisis pushing people out of El Salvador

Nejapa has a water crisis as many communities do not have access to potable water and those who do tend to get water only a few hours or days stolen from a maintenance fund and a waterhole fund dried up The supply is back for now but the situation
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The Division 2 Patch 17 Is Live on PS4 Fixes a Load of Bugs and Gameplay Issues

After a few hours of downtime earlier today The Division 2 is back up and running alongside its latest update Patch 17 can be downloaded on PlayStation 4 now and it promises weekly missions not resetting for offline players Improvements made
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How to get into The Division 2 open beta

Unlike the private beta back in February The Division 2s beta file size is what youd expect from a full AAA game That also means it will take some time possibly a lot of time to download If you want to start playing right when the beta
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Division 2 DOWN Servers status latest Ubisoft hit taken offline on PS4 Xbox One

Division 2 servers are down right now with Ubisoft taking the hit game offline for maintenance on PS4 Xbox One and PCs Division 2 servers went down at 2pm BST and will be offline for around three hours Division 2 downtime was originally scheduled for
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