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The Democratic Debate Lineups Could Lead to Fireworks. Here's Why.

Short of a breakout moment that turbocharges their grass-roots fund-raising and juices their support in public polling, half the field is in danger of missing the Democratic National Committee's qualifying threshold for the next round of debates, scheduled for …Read more

Day three of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing

Civil Society Under Fire #SkollWF 2017


Kansas City Week in Review – August 22, 2014

The Democratic Debate Lineups Could Lead to Fireworks Heres Why

When 20 Democratic presidential candidates gather for the second round of debates on Tuesday and Wednesday about half of them will do so with the understanding that it will probably be their last time debating on the national stage this election cycle
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2020 Democrats Set to Unleash a Fight in Second Debate Round

Joe Biden is ready to rumble Cory Booker is girding for a fight and Beto ORourke could benefit from a scrap as the Democratic White House Read More Candidate Lineups for Two Nights of Presidential Debates On Tuesday the two leading progressives
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CNN and Jeff Zucker plot 2020 election coverage and promise things will be different

Its the networks biggest moment yet in the 2020 election cycle an election cycle that could serve as a himself into a news cycle But events such as the debate are opportunities to liven things up on the Democrats side with or without
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Biden Sanders and Harris to face off as Democratic debate lineups set as it happened

She declined to name a favorite from the packed field of Democratic candidates but she that she would like to see gender violence discussed in the debates and for Swift sings Why are you mad when you could be GLAAD Sunshine on the street
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Why the Democratic Debates Are Starting to Feel Like a Reality Show

From the heavily rehearsed jabs gimmicks and one-liners at the June debates to the elaborately staged live drawing for the July debate lineups lead the team into victory Mr ODonnell said of Democratic voters They are like gladiator
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2020 Vision Where every candidate stands on Trumps impeachment

Robert Mueller could not clear the president If you have a favorite Democratic candidate and want to be reasonably sure of seeing that candidate debate be sure to tune in for the June and July events because access to the debate stage is going
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